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The Provision of Natural Supplements for ADHD-Diagnosed Employees

Recently, the human resource department of a medium-scale fast food establishment effectively increased employee productivity by assisting their ADHD-diagnosed employees in controlling their symptoms by providing them with natural supplements for ADHD.

According to current statistical data released by the National Institute of Mental Health, a significant portion of the 4.1 percent of adults diagnosed with the mental condition fail to take any treatment measures to control their disease’s symptoms. This fact is attributed to the fact that most ADHD diagnosed adults find it hard to purchase physician prescribed medications or the alternative natural supplements for ADHD due to the lack of finances. Moreover, many adults with ADHD fail to take their medication as they are always agonizing over the fact that their condition may be discovered by others and fear that they will be discriminated against due to the stigma associated with the mental disorder.

The provision of natural supplements for ADHD diagnosed employees came as a human resource management measure to combat the negative image the fast food establishment had gained due to employee misconduct. Accordingly, the facility had received numerous complaints from both employees and clientele alike regarding the lack of professional conduct exhibited by a particular group of employees working at the fast food company. The complaints received noted that individual employees were unable to stay focused or pay attention to the food orders placed by clients, hyperactivity, and the inability to control their behavior around their fellow workmates as well as the establishment’s clientele.

Management, however, was unable to determine the cause of the misconduct as the named employees worked in different departments in the establishment. As a means of discovering the common determining factor for the behavior, management opted to observe the named employee’s conduct covertly while at work. Following a week-long supervised monitoring of the mentioned employees and conducting simple research on their medical histories, management discovered that they had all been previously diagnosed with ADHD but were not on any medication for the same.

Since the situation had begun to take an adverse toll on the establishment’s reputation as a direct result of the lack of productivity and inefficiency of these employees, management held a crisis meeting that decided that rather than dismissing these employees, supplying natural supplements for ADHD would be a more reasonable solution.

Before the establishment implemented the solution, management sought the advice of a nutritionist who mandated that all the employees that would be affected by the new policy undergo some psychological assistance. This would ensure that each affected employee would adequately understand why they required the management mandated solution (thus ensuring that they would have a positive attitude to the measure) while providing them with the training they needed related to taking the essential natural supplements for ADHD.

The nutritionist followed up on the training by recommending borage oil and evening primrose oil, vitamin B complex, a multivitamin formula which contained magnesium, and a vitamin C tablet that was to be ingested alongside fruits and vegetables which are an excellent source of flavonoids which can be easily obtained from Each employee, however, required a different nutritionist-prescribed dosage of the natural supplements that was based on the severity of their symptoms.

Within a matter of weeks, the establishment’s management noted a significant improvement in the employee’s morale and efficiency as well as a major decrease in the number of complaints they had been receiving. The administration’s unique solution of providing natural supplements for ADHD diagnosed employees has transformed the fast food joint into one that is highly profitable due to the resulting positive working environment.

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